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Salvation Army

Solomon started serving with only 36 hours at one stand and 6 volunteers for the season in 1988. We were introduced into the Salvation Army Christmas Kettles by PM Albert J. Miller, who was not only our Charter Senior Warden, but the Delaware Coordinator for the Salvation Army, who assigned then Senior Steward Van Stan to coordinate for the Lodge.

Needless to say, Solomon did not even rate the first two years. In 1992, we had expanded to over 200 hours at 7 stands with 45 members, their familiies and friends serving, but it wasn’t until 1993 that Solomon Lodge earned First Place in participating organizations for both hours served and income received. By 1994, we were well established enough to pick the four stands we wanted, and provided over 120 volunteers consisting of Members, Families and Friends serving over 400 hours.

From 1994 through 2010, over 120 Members, Family and Friends have volunteered between 450 and 550 hours of service to the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign, averaging $25,000 income every year.

Of course, older Members, over the years have had to give up serving, even though many have served up to ages 85 to 90 years old. New Members and their Families have always been there to fill the gaps, as Charity is a basic tenet of Masonic Teachings.

Over the 23 years of service that Solomon Lodge has served on the Kettles, more than 350 volunteers have served over 12,000 hours and earned over $450,000 for the good works of the Salvation Army

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