Officer practice and Lodge of Instruction

08-14-2018 All day

Hello all – hope you are enjoying the summer !

Officer practice will begin every Tuesday at 6:30 beginning 8/14/2018.                                                                                It is important that all make their best efforts to attend and to arrive prepared to have a productive evening.              Also, at your leisure hours to converse with well informed brethren and work towards your next stations in the officer line.

We have seven outstanding petitions awaiting return to the lodge with two in hand ready for voting; two candidates were elected in June and EA Degrees will be performed in September.                                                                                    At the present time, there is one FC Degree awaiting completion of EA proficiency, one MM Degree awaiting completion of FC proficiency and three in various stages of completing MM proficiencies.                                                  Degree dates will be selected and communicated in the very near future.

We anticipate having a LOI, Lodge of Instruction, at the same time and date as practices that candidates may have ample opportunity to meet with instructors and to move thru catechisms successfully.

WM Tucker