Newark Community Day Event

09-15-2019 11:00 - 16:00

Hello !!

Welcome back to all and hope the summer months have been good to you.

Once again Solomon 36 will man their ‘Hot Dog Stand’ on East DE Avenue Sunday 9/15/2019.  In recent years we have seen many new members and families.  If you are not aware, we are now barbequing hot dogs and have seen a positive change in sales due to this process but as in the past still have Bro Jake Miller out front talking to passersby, it’s worth the price of admission which is $0.00 🙂   Stop over and have a grilled dog with your Masonic family. Chef Sameer Hunter and Bro JW Greene will be at the barbeque helm with Brothers VanStan and Thomes at the receiving station making sure folks walk away with a smile!  Plan on bringing your family, there are all kinds of things to do for the kids!  If you don’t mind a little walk, park at the Lodge.  Hope to see you there.